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Starting with a single step...

Every story has a beginning.

Each day dawns anew.

Each song has that first note composed.

In that same instance, every blog needs a first post in order to begin and here is mine.

About a year ago, I re-watched the film 'Legally Blonde' in order to get that much needed fire in my belly before starting a new job, working as a paralegal in Dublin.

The premise of the film and the subsequent stage musical is well known, and I would often catch myself in moments thinking 'Would many people be interested in a character who is classed as 'Legally Brunette'?'

Genetics have graced me with dark hair, so the connection was obvious, at least to me.

The hashtag began appearing on a few of my social media posts such as selfies on Instagram while on the way to work or sitting in a taxi being driven to the Four Courts Central Office with important legal documents, which were kept entirely confidential. Discretion is the name of the game, after all!

There were observational tweets about the legal world, about the hectic days rushing from the office to a callover in a courtroom, to just enjoying that cup of well deserved coffee and being able to finally slip out of those high heeled shoes.

What started out as a good-natured tongue in cheek joke centred around a popular film about a socialite student working her way through Harvard law school with her bright, bubbly enthusiasm has now become a living reality as the dream of attending law school has finally come true.

Here is a concept that is the brainchild of why I ever wanted to start my own blog: Brunettes are often classed as serious, studious and proper, dressing in black and other professionally suited colours. Blondes have all the fun, the good times, the laughs and the fashionable statement of wearing pink, from magenta to bubblegum.

But there is so much more than meets the eye, that goes beyond the different shades of hair colours, that goes straight to the heart and mind of the matter, that overcomes any archtypes that have burrowed their way into society's consciousness. It is the same for any woman who wants to make a name for herself in any profession, in any walk of life, to constantly overcome those long-established stereotypes and emerge as a vibrant personality with its own quirks, flaw and highlights.

So here I am, a brunette trainee solicitor making her way in the world, exploring my interests, of which there are many, navigating the Irish law school and sharing my passions with the world, from books to music to wellness, ending right back with the judicial system that I am learning more and more about each day.

It took a great deal of thought on my own part, as well as encouragement from good friends and a fantastic branding coach, Emma Boylan of 'Outside the Box', to finally convince me to take the leap and share my blog with the world.

It always meant a lot to hear such positive words, to know that the support is there and that you are never entirely alone, that there is always someone wanting to see you succeed. That has always been the case with my family, who have been those pillars of support during the tough academic years, through the career progression, the highs and lows and all else in between.

In that sense, I am a pioneer, being the first in my family to study law. It is in that sense of purpose that has kept me going.

To be able to tell my story, and to discover what I wanted to say, took no small amount of self-examination and brutal honesty: if I did not take this opportunity to do something meaningful at this crucial stage of my career, to miss the chance to document my experiences and express myself in a way that is entirely personal, then that would be a missed opportunity.

The road that I have travelled has not been without diversions, difficult hurdles and rewarding avenues.

The rest of life remains unwritten and it is all anyone can do to make sure it's a great read.

In the end, nothing comes from nothing. Ideas written down in a hardback journal remain as words on a page without the will to see them through, to make them a reality, to take ownership and say with conviction 'This is me. This is who I am. This is what I want to share with you.'

I hope you all enjoy coming on this journey with me.

To quote the famous tagline from the seminal political drama, 'The West Wing', a quote that I write at the end of each day's work, to constantly push myself forward towards each and every tomorrow: "Okay. What's next?"

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